The government of Alberta offer FREE webinars, such as strategic planning, board governance, building leadership capabilities, fund development and grant writing, evaluation, public and stakeholder engagement, developing partnerships, and collaborative relationships that are tailored to your community groups, non-profit organizations, and volunteer teams.

Grant Writing 101

For many non-profit volunteers and staff, grant writing can seem like a time-consuming task in creative writing with the payoff being luck of the draw. The truth is, with steep competition for limited grant dollars, a well-written grant is only part of the success formula. This 2-hour webinar covers core proposal and grant writing skills, how to avoid common pitfalls, understanding what funders look for, and tips on how to maintain good relationships with your funders.

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Board Development Program – Understanding Your Legal Landscape

Understanding how laws and regulations affect your organization can be confusing. How do they determine what a board must do? What internal rules can an organization choose to create? This webinar will help you understand how these rules combine to create the legal landscape that all non-profit organizations in Alberta operate in. You will also have the chance to ask questions, see what other organizations are dealing with, test your knowledge and receive additional resources.

Board Development Program – Committees and Meetings Webinar

Non-profits have a lot to think about and a lot of work to do. Meetings are where the board gets together to figure out to make its decisions about what work to do and how to do it. This session will take you through the different components of the structure of a meeting and some suggestions on how to think about leadership before, during and after the meeting.

Board Development Program –

Building Strong Teams& Effective Relationships

Join this highly interactive webinar where you and your fellow participants will deal with a specific board situation, address the root causes, and create solutions. It will provide additional, relevant information that will help you understand why these situations arise, how to deal with them, and ideas for addressing the root causes before they happen.

Board Development Program – Board Roles & Responsibilities

What is governance? What are the board’s roles? What are the board’s responsibilities? The truth is, there is no one answer to any of these questions. Join us as we help you understand governance from different perspectives. We will start with governance and what it means to the board. Then we will take you through how governance touches the entire organization, the structure of the organization, and the volunteers and staff that work in the organization. You will also have many opportunities to speak directly with others and share your experiences, test your knowledge, and ask your questions from the presenters.

Board Development – Legal Responsibilities

Where do the board’s duties and responsibilities come from? What do board members need to know in order to meet their legal responsibilities? What actions can board members take to help them meet their legal responsibilities? Join us for a live and interactive webinar to find out the answers to these questions, hear what other Not-for-Profit board members are experiencing and test your knowledge of the information that is shared.

Board Development Program – Organizations Purpose & Planning

How is planning connected to the board’s roles and responsibilities? How are an organization’s vision, mission, and values connected to organizational plans? What is included in the plan? This webinar will introduce to you why planning is needed, what it includes, and give you some ideas on how to get started.

Board Development Program – Financial responsibilities

What are the board’s financial responsibilities? How can the board fulfill these responsibilities? What is Financial Management and what does it include? To put it simply, the board has to know what is going on, and ask questions if they don’t! Join for more details and a few activities that will introduce your financial responsibilities.

Board Development Program – Risk Management

What is risk? What types are there? How can it be assessed and managed? Risk is everywhere, but that just means that you have to spend some time to understand it and deal with the ones that are most relevant to your organization.

The Role of the Board Chair

What is the role of the board chair in a nonprofit organization? How is it different from the rest of the board members? This 2-hour webinar will discuss the key expectations of a chairperson to better perform their leadership role in a nonprofit organization. The session focuses on ‘chairing effective meetings,’ ‘chair as facilitator,’ ‘dealing with difficult board/organization challenges,’ and ‘building a strong board team.’

The Role of the Board Treasurer

The role of the board treasurer is one of the most important roles on the board of non-profit organizations. But what do treasurers do that is so important? Join for a session where we discuss the responsibilities of the Board Treasurers, the various ways that they help the boards, how they perform their duties in small and large non-profit organizations, and how they can best perform in their roles as treasurers.

The Role of the Board Secretary

Why is the Board Secretary an important position on any board? What does the Secretary do for the board and the organization? Join this live and interactive webinar and you will find out the answers to these questions. You will go through the Secretary’s main responsibilities and provide you with some detailed actions that help the Secretary ensure that these responsibilities are met.

Cybersecurity For Non-Techie Board Members

News headlines remind us almost daily of cybersecurity threats facing business and government organizations that are operating online. Nonprofits are not immune, and they face risks as well if they engage in activities, such as processing donations, event registrations, and store information digitally about their donors, members, clients, and employees. Nonprofit Boards need to be able to recognize the risks associated with operating in a digital environment and how to take steps to protect their organization’s data. This webinar will explain the role of the board in cyber-risk oversight.

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crowdfunding Alberta campaign lab

The Crowdfunding Alberta Campaign Lab is designed to help build organizations’ online fundraising capacity. Over the course of 3, 3-hour online sessions non-profits will receive hands-on training and coaching, curated resources to reference for ongoing guidance as they develop their own crowdfunding campaign, demonstrations to help find and optimize the platform’s marketing tools, and customized feedback from a panel of fundraising experts to ensure their campaign is market-ready when it goes live.

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