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Wayne McNeil 

the Respect Group

Wayne McNeil was Trustee and Vice-Chairman of the Rocky View School Division, volunteer President of the Sheldon Kennedy Foundation, which raised over $1.2 Million during the 1998 Cross-Canada Skate to raise awareness for the prevention of child abuse, served as Chairman of the Alberta Gymnastics Federation for six years and served for 6 years as founding Board member of the Calgary and Area Child Advocacy Centre.

These volunteer roles and his commitment to child advocacy led Wayne to co-found Respect Group in 2004 with Co-Founder, Sheldon Kennedy. Respect Group Canada’s first, on-line, abuse, discrimination, bullying and harassment prevention training program for community/sport organizations, schools, and the workplace. Over 1.8 million Canadians have been “Respect Certified”

Topic: Empowering all sport stakeholders to prevent and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD).

People want to be involved with organizations that demonstrate Respect. Often, Vision or Mission Statements include the word “Respect” however, few organizations have empowered and equipped ALL members of their team with the necessary tools and training to ensure a positive and psychologically safe environment.


Haley Daniels

Olympic Athlete

Haley Daniels is an athlete, pioneer, and advocate. She represented Canada in the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics in the sport of Canoe Slalom where these games went down in history.

Her Sport has gone through a gender equality battle where historically men have represented in canoe at the Olympic Games, and canoe women have not. On a mission for gender equality in her sport, she and a group of motivated female canoeists globally led the charge to push for inclusion of women’s canoeing at the Olympics. As a result of their tremendous determination women’s canoeing was added to the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympic Games program.

Along with paving a pathway forward Haley’s father Kimberly Daniels who is a proud Transgender woman also left a legacy where she was the first openly Transgender judge to ever officiate at the Olympic Games. Both Haley and Kimberly are extremely proud to apart of this massive leap of diversity and inclusion related to the Olympics.

Topic: Overcoming Adversity

Women Canoeists have overcome some major barriers in our sport from paddling off massive waterfalls to not being allowed to go to the Olympic because of our gender. Hear Haley’s story of why setbacks are a major part of growth to achieving excellence. Learn what tools and tactics she uses to overcome incredibly difficult situations.



Cheryl Humphrey

Sport Law

Over the past 25 years, Cheryl Humphrey has held senior positions in both the non-profit and government sectors both as a consultant and an employee.  She led Swim Alberta as their trusted Executive Director for nearly a decade, bringing her strong leadership skills and compassionate approach to support the organization’s mission and vision. Cheryl is a leader who cares, and this is evident in how she works with others to support their goals.

Cheryl brings a wealth of knowledge and executive leadership experience in the areas of strategic and operational planning and implementation, governance, stakeholder engagement, and managing change.

Over the span of her career, Cheryl has been at the forefront of system change in sport, by ensuring that the organizations she supported had a solid foundation to sustain their mission. Cheryl is known for her optimistic approach to modernization including bringing a depth of experience in enhancing governance systems, updating policies and streamlining committees, and creating transparent communications to foster trust.  At Swim Alberta, Cheryl was instrumental in building a solid foundation to enable membership growth while also supporting the advanced development and implementation of a framework for high-performance swimming. Most recently, she is proud of her contributions to lead sport in Alberta through the COVID Pandemic by leveraging relationships with the provincial government, municipalities, facilities and other provincial sport and recreation associations.

Topic: The Three R’s: Risk Management, Re-imagine and Resilience for Local Sport Organizations

As leaders in our sport and recreation organizations, both board and staff, we have become adept at managing through reacting to the current situation as the COVID-19 pandemic has unrolled.  Many of us are wondering if we have the fortitude to continue on, what our next steps might be or if it is okay to simply return to what we knew prior to March 2020.  This session will explore how we can thoughtfully move from reacting to taking the time to ensure we are managing risk through our new reality; re-imagine how we deliver our programs and services; and creating the space to allow our organization and its people to be resilient and posed for the future.



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