What is YQU Sport 4 All?

The YQU Sport 4 All is a FREE,  multi-sport after-school program for grades 4 & 5. This program is funded via a grant from Makadiff sports and is hosted by the Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection in partnership with the Grande Prairie Public School Division.

Historically, after school programs have fallen on the shoulders of teachers and parent volunteers. We know that teachers in these schools have unique challenges in their classrooms with very little additional support. They are chronically overcapacity and are not always able to offer extracurricular opportunities. The Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection’s YQU Sport 4 All program identifies and trains leaders from the community that will then deliver high-quality, developmentally appropriate sport programming. This supports the schools in their ability to increase student access to participation without further burdening the system.

Funding for this initiative also includes transportation. Transportation has been identified as a barrier to participation for many students, making bussing a critical part of being able to successfully deliver an inclusive program.