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The Sport Medicine Council of Alberta

The Sport Medicine Council of Alberta (SMCA) is an organization of sport medicine physicians, sport physiotherapists, athletic therapists, sport scientists and sport nutrition specialists. Find resources on sport nutrition, sport psychology, doping and sports, and athletic injury on this site.

Alberta Sport Development Centre – NW

The main purpose of the ASDC network is to coordinate and enhance services available to Alberta’s emerging athletes and coaches.  These regional centres provide services to athletes and coaches residing in rural and urban areas allowing athletes to develop and train at a high level without leaving home.

Mental Fitness for Long-Term Athlete Development

Being a top performer in any sport requires a combination of physical fitness, technical skills, tactical readiness, and mental fitness.


Matthew Bain’s extensive background in sport psychology includes areas of personality and motivation, emotional regulation, team construction and cohesion, coach development, motor performance and learning, and leadership.