Trekking Through Trails at Evergreen Park

What an amazing day it was. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and its was most definitely one of the hottest fall days we’ve had in sunny GP thus far. We started our day by meeting up with Krista Mitchell from the Triple Terrain Trail Trekkers. Krista guided us on a beautiful 3km hike through one of the many trails available out by Evergreen Park. These trails are well maintained and range from 3km to 10 km hiking excursions. We encourage you and your families to get out and explore our region and the amazing activities it has to offer.

You can watch our adventure now:



How to get there:

  • Head east on AB-668 W towards Evergreen Park.
  • Continue pass the entrance (right hand turn) into the park on AB-668 W.
  • Continue onto a dirt road where you will end up at at ‘T’ intersection.
  • Turn Left and the parking lot will be on the immediate right  hand side (northeast side of PARDS).







About Triple Terrain Trail Trekkers:

The Triple Terrain Trail Trekkers is a diverse group of rockstar athletes, striving for personal success and accomplishment! Each athlete has their own story, their own challenge and their own goal. Together the athletes are better, and they support each other to conquer the story, the challenge, and the goal. The Triple Terrain Trail Trekkers offers registered run groups 4-5 times a year that run for approximately 10 weeks. Aside from the registered programs, they offer fun group runs on the weekends, organized fun runs 3-4 times a year (Ice Cream Run, Reindeer Romp, Light Show Run), opportunity for Community Involvement (I.E. Bike for Mental Health) and most importantly a fun and supportive network of like minded individuals willing to provide support for each other . The Triple Terrain Trail Trekkers loves each and every athlete! Cheering loud and proud from the sidelines at any race for all racers. If your new, never ever, intermediate, or an experienced runner, join their amazing run family!

To get involved or need assistance on the trails message Krista on