/ Ashleigh Bartelds – Taekwon-do

Ashleigh is a 2nd degree black belt in ITF Taekwon-do, training in competitive Taekwon-do and kickboxing at Gladiators Martial Arts academy. She has carried the clubs name (gladiators martial arts academy) to multiple local, provincial, national, international and world competitions and brought home gold at almost every tournament. Ashleigh carries great humility as a World competitive athlete, always there to help clean up the dojang, set up equipment, participate in fundraisers, lend a helping hand to a new student. She works part time at the Club as an instructor and created and filmed multiple zoom classes for students during the lock down. In 2020 Ashleigh was excited to compete at Worlds Tournament in Slovenia and debut her kickboxing training but, both were cancelled due to the pandemic.