/ Greg Remple – Football

Greg Remple is highly respected in the football community and has been refereeing for 38 years. He has officiated all levels of football – peewee, bantam, high School, senior men’s (Alberta Football League), and women’s (Western Canadian Women’s Football League). He has helped organize and instruct at local training clinics for new officials and has been the Head Official for the Grande Prairie Football Officials Assoc. for about 25 years. He was a recipient of the Harold Ferguson official’s award. Greg always takes the time to explain reasons for the calls and tries to help everyone understand the game better. His calm demeanor when faced by upset coaches, fans and players has been a soothing force and has defused many situations. He is a big part of the growth of football in our region and his love for the game and the many years of dedication has had a positive impact on our football community that will be felt for years to come.