What is STEAM 2.0?

STEAM 2.0 is a tool produced by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) designed to develop economic impact projections of sports events throughout Canada. Economic impact projections quantify the impact that special events have on the larger economy through a variety of measures such as GDP, Jobs, Wages & salaries, Taxes and Industry Output. Used judiciously, these indicators can be used to garner support from public and private sector partners, provide a framework for comparing the relative size of impacts of events, or for communicating to the general public the importance of sports events to the community as a whole.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

This figure represents the total value of production of goods and services in the economy resulting from the initial expenditure under analysis (valued at basic prices). GDP is the net measure of changes in economic activity and is the most representative figure of the economic activity that took place in the larger economy as a result of hosting the event or festival under analysis.

steam 2.0 gdp for 2018

Event Name:GDP:Location:
ASAA Wrestling Provincials$94,906Medicine Hat
U12 Soccer Provincials$47,679Grande Prairie & Region

steam 2.0 gdp for 2019

Event Name:GDP:Location:
MD of Greenview Men's & Master Men's Canadian Fast Pitch Championships$441,253Grande Prairie & Region
Western Canada Cup$134,783Grande Prairie & Region
CanWest Short Track Speed Skating Championship$91,922Grande Prairie & Region
Alberta Cup$80,836Grande Prairie & Region
CCAA Cross Country Nationals$73, 441Grande Prairie & Region

steam 2.0 gdp for 2020

Event Name:GDP:Location:
Pomeroy Initiation Mega Tournament$152,493Grande Prairie & Region