Put Your Thinking Caps On – It’s Almost Northwestern Alberta Sport Excellence Awards Nomination Time.

January is closing in quickly and that means it’s almost time for the Northwest Alberta Sport Excellence Awards nominations to open.  Nominations are open January 1-31.  With that we wanted to take a moment to tell you about the awards and how to make a quality nomination. Now, whether or not they win on awards […]

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Crunch Crunch, Pizza Boxes & Lost Trails…Hello Snowshoeing

*Note that this was actually the first blog post written, but the snow left prior to it being published.  Oops.* As someone who has never considered themselves to be ‘sporty’ at all, I am new to the sport community in which I now find myself working.  We are using that to our advantage.  As someone […]

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Not a Frisbee, High Winds & A Chain Basket…Hello Disc Golf

The wind was strong enough to clear the thoughts from your head if you faced the wrong way.  Not unusual for Grande Prairie.  It was also a flesh roasting 29 degrees.  Sigh.  We arrived at Thrill Hill hole #1 as they were about to divide the group into random teams.  The excitement was building.  We […]

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What Exactly is Try-It Day?

  One of our favourite signature events is our Try-It Day event.  This past June we held our biggest one to date and it was a resounding success. Thank you to the 37 organizations who offered 39 different activities and the 23 venues who hosted 650 youth participants. For those of you wondering “What the heck […]

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Badminton + Tennis + Table Tennis…Hello Pickleball

You had me at pickle…wait…what do you mean there are no pickles in this pickleball game!?  For the next round of new sport trying we went out and tried Pickleball.  Now, many of you may be saying “What the heck is pickleball?”  To answer that question; it’s a racquet sport that’s a mix of table tennis, badminton […]

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A Racquet, A Ball & A Glass Box…Hello Squash

As you may know, I have been dipping my toe into the regional sporting community by trying out new sports. As someone who has never, not for even one moment, considered myself ‘sporty’ or overly active, my new job is kind of like entering into a new world where I am not quite sure I […]

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What Exactly Does Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection Do?

Hello and welcome to the Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection’s brand new blog.  In choosing the topic for our first blog post, I thought long and hard and eventually came up with the oft asked, but difficult to answer question of “Who are the Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection and what do they do?” Being […]

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