Economic Impact of Sports Events


Below is a list of examples of regional, small-large events and their predicted economic impact on the region. The economic impact is measured via Gros Domestic Product (GDP) which represents the net economic activity generated by an event. GDP takes into account how much producers’ and visitors’ expenditure stays within the local economy, as well as the indirect impact of that money (e.g. spending of employee wages). GDP is the metric that is used when comparing the impact of events or evaluating return on investment.

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Event Year Total Net Economic Activity (GDP) for Grande Prairie & Area
Alberta Summer Games 2018 $2,100,000
U12 Soccer Provincials 2018 $47,679
MD of Greenview Men's & Master Men's Canadian Fast Pitch Championships 2019 $441,253
Gymnastics - Western Canada Cup 2019 $134,783
CanWest Short Track Speed Skating Championship 2019 $91,922
Gymnastics - Alberta Cup 2019 $80,836
CCAA X-Country Nationals 2019 $73,441
Pomeroy Initiation Mega Hockey Tournament 2020 $152,493
Disc Golf Provincials 2021 $27,678
U12D and U19D Girls Softball Provincials 2021 $34,436
2022 East Coast Garden Party Ball Tournament 2022 $91,558
Aquarians' Regional Swim Meet 2022 $65,500
2022 Men's & Women's Curling Championships 2022 $600,557
2023 Provincial Masters Curling 2023 $57,745
Grande Prairie Filipino Basketball Invitational 2023 $42,204